A Steel Spinning Top is more than a gadget; it's a fun and functional challenge that keeps your mind occupied. Bruce Charles Designs' machined tops are the perfect gift or centerpiece for your home. 

Enjoy spinning your tops and increasing your spin time while engaging in conversation, a meeting, or de-stressing after a long day at work. 


Steel Spinning Top

Bruce Charles Designs creates gorgeous steel spinning tops with a high-quality silicon nitride ceramic bearing. We take care in creating every top we make and focus on the customer experience and satisfaction. Spin your top at home, in the office, on vacation, or anywhere you need a brain break and need time to fidget.


Bronze Spinning Top

A bronze spinning top complements your collection and offers more variety to your day. Spin your tops to unplug from your device and feel more present and invested in the moment. Like our steel spinning top, our bronze piece also features a silicon nitride ceramic bearing. Many of our customers report a spin time of over 10-minutes and continue to challenge their skill.

Fused Aluminum & Stainless Steel Spinning Top

Add our aluminum tops with brass detailing to your collection. All of our products are expertly engineered with a focus on excellence. You'll enjoy their smooth detailing and innovative craftsmanship. 

Tops + Teak Spin Base Pack

If you can't choose between just one steel spinning top, try a variety pack to display in your home or gift to your colleagues and loved ones. Choose your steel top and spin it across the accompanying base. We also provide bases with a concave lens for a complete experience.


Bases for Your Stainless Steel Spinning Top

Pair your favorite machined spinning top with a Spinning Base. Choose from Teak Wood, Glass Concave Lens, Or Black walnut wood. The glass concave lenses on our bases keep your tops spinning long after the competition.


Steel Spinning Top Reviews

"Wow, this one spins better than any top I've ever bought before, even other premium brass pieces... literally left it spinning on an old wood desk while I checked my email, and when I looked back, not only was it still spinning, it was spinning in one place! I love this thing, so easy to get it going, too, the balance is super duper awesome, yet the piece isn't too heavy to carry around in a pocket." - Basala Warmi

"I have a thing for well-made tops. I just think they're fascinating and they can be very beautiful. This top is really nice, and it came in a beautiful box, and it has a nice weight to it. I can get it to spin for quite some time already, and it is just very pleasant. It has a very pleasant feel in your hand in the weight is very nice. This is my first better top, and I am very happy that I went ahead and purchased it. I supposed it could seem like a lot for a top, but it is far from some cheap toy. It is beautifully made and beautifully crafted. I am very pleased with it and plan to see if this designer creates other tops ." - JaJen

"This top is precision machined for "top" performance, and the knurled brass of the grip makes it easy to spin. For lovers of fidget spinners and tops, this is a Ferrari!" - Pedro

What is the Best Surface to Spin My Machined Tops?

Choose a hard, dry, and clean surface for your steel spinning top whenever possible. Adding a concave mirror, lens, or ceramic spinning base enhances your experience with your top. You can also use a moderately concave surface for learning and playing with your top. However, the less concave your surface is, the longer your spins will be. 

Purchase Your Own Stainless Steel Spinning Top

Ready to purchase your own stainless steel spinning top? Browse the selection from Bruce Charles Designs to find the perfect top for you or your loved ones.