A desk toy may seem like a novelty item, but it is an essential accessory in a digitally-saturated world. A Desk Toy provides the opportunity to unplug from your devices, refocus after a meeting, or destress after a long day. A desk toy that helps you fidget also offers some therapeutic value. Research shows that fidgeting is a response to anxiety or boredom, and the right desk toy or gadget gives your brain something to focus on. Fidgeting could even help lower your stress hormone levels during a challenging day.

Our well-designed desk toys are a pleasing way to keep your nerves calm and serve as an engaging conversation starter. Bruce Charles Designs never aspired to make standard office toys, and our products defy expectations. We create magnetic sliders, machine-precision spinning tops, and captive nut puzzles to keep your hands and mind engaged. Here are some of the desk toys we offer to transform your day.

Fidget Slider Desk Toy

Experience the satisfaction of fidgeting with our collection of Lowrey Magnetic Sliders. Choose from Aluminum & Brass, Polished Titanium & Brass, Polished Stainless & Brass, and Stainless & Brass magnetic sliders to suit your favorite style. A uniquely textured machined surface gives this desk toy a satisfying grip and feel. We included enclosed neodymium magnets to keep the gadget engaged in your hands and slide back and forth with ease. It's a stunning desk toy but also fits nicely in your work bag or pocket to take with you to meetings or business lunches. 

Spinning Tops

Spinning tops are more than just a plaything for kids; they also make a fun desk toy for grown-ups. Spinning tops can be used as a casual pastime to fidget through the day, or you can challenge yourself to work your way to a personal best spin time. Our All Four Schulte Tops + Wood Spin Base Gift Pack features our entire selection of spinning tops in brass, bronze, stainless steel and fused aluminum, and stainless steel tops. Buy as a set or individually with one of our concave spinning bases.


Captive Nut Keychains

Enjoy the challenge of working your way through a Captive Nut Keychain while you're on the go. We CNC-machined our keychains in solid brass for a dynamic look that resists scratches. Your keychain is always with you while you're waiting in line or trying to pass the time on an outing, so why not keep your hands busy? Slide the nut up and down and see how long it keeps you entertained. 

Desk Toy Reviews

Learn more about our desk toy options straight from our satisfied customers. 

"What an awesome slider to add to the collection! Great design, haptics, and functionality (also, "laddering" works perfectly). The magnet strength is well-chosen IMHO [in my honest opinion]. The size is just right, with appreciated presence in hand but not at all too large. Well deserved 5/5 stars. With many Thanks to the Bruce Charles Designs Team!"

"This was the perfect gift for my husband—impeccable craftsmanship, smooth to touch and spins beautifully. My husband keeps this on his desk at work. It's great for those moments of deep thoughts or while he's stuck on a lengthy call. It is also a conversation starter. I personally love spinning tops and really wanted to keep it for myself, and it's way cooler than the bronze rose my husband gifted me. (Don't tell him I said that)."

Purchase Your Own Desk Toy

Make your next desk toy a functional work of art with our collection of gadgets. Browse our selection from Bruce Charles Designs to find the perfect item for your desk or give to a colleague, friend, or family member.