The Captive Nut
The Captive Nut
Machined EDC Brass Keyring
The Captive Nut
The Captive Nut
The Captive Nut
The Captive Nut
The Captive Nut
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The Captive Nut

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“The Captive Nut”

Brass and Stainless Steel Keyring

The Captive Nut Story

“The Captive Nut” was one of my early lathe projects that started as a way to get better at turning threads and multiple machining operations.  I originally learned about it as a machinist’s puzzle to be made on the lathe, but my twist on it was to turn it into a keyring with an additional operation on the milling machine.  It served as a fantastic conversation starter as I carried the first one I made as my personal everyday carry keyring for years.

When I made one for my friend Todd, I told him it was representative of the time he took me hiking in Colorado and I had no way to leave and return to civilization.  I told him that I was the “Captive Nut” for that trip. He didn’t think my joke was very funny either, but the name stuck. Over the years, I made a few more as EDC gear for friends, and even had the joy of teaching my daughter how to make one for her boyfriend.  It took many hours spread out over two days, but she got it done!

It’s simple; it’s just brass, stainless, and nickel plated stainless steel rings.  But it’s not so simple when you hand it to a friend and ask them how to remove the nut.  Then, while they’re just starting to realize they can’t, ask them an even better question:  “How did the nut get on there?”

I hope you enjoy the reactions you get, and enjoy divulging the secret...or not, it’s up to you!

Key Features

  • ULTRA LUXURIOUS appeal. The Bruce Charles valet keychain encompasses the spirit of a classic machinist’s metal puzzle its design is based on. Bridging tradition with modern innovation, this luxury keychain puts you in a class of your own.
  • LASTS A LIFETIME. Built to endure drops, scratches from car keys in pockets or purses. Unlike a standard keychain holder, our heavy duty key chain is Multi-Process CNC-Machined from solid brass. Durable but elegant. One of the most unique keychains created.
  • SILENT FIDGETER to relieve stress and anxiety in work meetings, on road trips or airplanes. This little fidget keychain is discreet as can be. The Fidget Toy Nut spins up and down the length of the key chain for hours of soothing fun.
  • FUNCTIONAL FUN EDC keychain designed to hold more. The Captive Nut hides 2 key chains in one in its precision engineered core. The 2 stainless steel detachable keychain rings keep car keys, house keys and remote FOBs organized.
  • A GIFT THAT WILL THRILL and excite. Because an average car key chain just isn’t good enough. Our valet keychain arrives in our premium gift box with a blank card for that special personalized message. Grab this cool keychain for men, women or teens.

Product Description

Remember when keychains were for keys? The humble key chain is now one of the simplest ways to add a dash of character to your life. It’s a personal statement. Used to tell the world who you are

We’ve perfected the key chain. Time to make your mark on the world.

INTRODUCING - The Captive Nut. The Bruce Charles Designs Valet Keychain

Being consistent in our obsession with transforming raw materials into objects of desire, function and engineering, we’ve designed a keychain that rivals all others.

Unlike the common pull apart key chain that won't last, ours is CNC-Machined from a solid piece of brass. Made to withstand drops and scratches from car keys in pockets, bags and luggage. Won’t rust, bend or break.

Move over other louder fidget toys. The nut on our keychain spins up and down for hours of discreet relief. Proven stress and anxiety reliever. Perfect for adults and teens with ADHD who need calm to perform at their peak.

Fun by design, elegant but also practical. The Captive Nut detaches in two to hold more on each car key ring. Made for those who prefer to be prepared. Use for car keys, house keys and remote FOB’s. Everyday carry gear made to hold more every day.

Textures, shape and function come together to create a conversation-starting piece of art in the form of the ultimate luxury key chain.

The Bruce Charles valet keychain arrives in our gorgeous gift box with a blank note card for a personal message. Perfect for men, women and teens.

Bruce Charles Designs holds ourselves to rigorous standards with a relentless commitment to bring you something far from ordinary. But if you aren’t 100% satisfied we will refund you in full no questions.

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